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For years I’ve been talking about starting a blog, with regular encouragement from friends and co-workers. This year I found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands with not much to do except grow my baby and get our new house in order. Two very big jobs, with very little pay. So what better time than now to start sharing my journey, experiences, tips and tricks along the way?!

For as long as I can remember I’ve worked in the fashion industry. Retail, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Modelling (when i was much younger), Apparel Design, Product Development, Retail Management – you name it, I have probably done it! To say Fashion is one of my true loves would be inaccurate, really I love Style. Style is where your own personality takes over, and it’s the most inspiring. Anyone can go out and buy the latest fashions (if you can afford them), but it’s how you work them that really matters. I live for risk takers.

I’m a goal setter, a go-getter, a new wife, a first time mom-to-be (summer of 2012), a new home owner, a lover of food and cooking great meals, a loving daughter and sister, a passionate friend, and an obsessive reader. Welcome to my life.


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