Mrs Content – Toronto Yoga Mamas

I stumbled upon Toronto Yoga Mamas when I was searching for a Doula a few months ago. We interviewed a handful from different agencies and I ended up connecting with Thea who also happens to teach pre-natal yoga at Toronto Yoga Mamas. Needless to say I’ve been practicing there ever since. I happily trek from the West Side of the city to the East Side three times a week to practice. They also have mommy & baby yoga, as well as crawlers/tots yoga (for when the bebe starts to gain mobility) both of which I intend to join starting next Fall when everyone is back at work and I’m at home with Baby C and don’t know what to do with myself.

Up until now TYM has been sharing space with an art studio, which was great but I’m sure was limiting. This week Jamie and team moved into their very own space – no more wait lists! And oh so inspiring! Enough of my talking, take a look at the photos below and see for yourself.

TYM mats

TYM entrance

About once a month TYM has a ‘Belly Shots‘ event, and I’ve signed up for this Sunday’s edition. How amazing are the photos going to be in this new location? Can’t wait!


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