Inaugural Post

So many options for a first post, it seemed inappropriate to talk about anything other than what I wore as MrsContent went live…

So this is me at 23 weeks preggo, refusing to wear expensive and/or dowdy maternity clothes. Zara has become my absolute go-to for those times when I need a new piece to get me through what I’ve termed ‘the next phase’. Which basically means I need something fun and exciting that fits over my rapidly expanding belly (and boobs omfg!) that makes me feel like I’m still ‘hip and trendy’ and doesn’t brake the bank.

The Jeans are regular jeans from Zara that I picked up about a month ago. I went for options that are super stretchy and very low rise and I went up 2 sizes. They’re a bit loose in the thighs but when everything else is expanding so quickly, that’s the icing on the cake. I have maternity jeans as well but they just aren’t as fun.

Fiorentini & Baker Boots Denim detail scarf details


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