Family Content – Adventures in Potty Training

To give a little backstory, yesterday was gorgeous outside – the perfect temperature to let your 2 year old run around naked and not worry about being too hot or too cold or anything of the sort. So i decided since I had nothing planned for the day I’d set us up outside and bring out the potty, give it a whirl and see how she responded. Previous to this I had noticed she’s holding her pee longer, staying dry for longer amounts of time and having much larger pees (very noticeable when you cloth diaper), so I knew physically her body was ‘ready’ I just wasn’t sure if the rest of her was. (She definitely was not when i tried for half a day in March) If she responded, great. If she totally was against it I was willing to leave it alone for a few more months and just try again later. As it turned out she responded really well, she’s not exactly eager to sit down but she was going on the potty when i placed her there and she even finished day 1 with a #2 in the potty. Fantastic.

Enter Day 2. Things started off well enough with another #2 in the potty, and then i moved us outside to continue with things. When Baby (Toddler?) Content tried to escape inside all of a sudden I knew she was trying to find a private place to pee. So i followed her with the potty… and the following is the email that I sent Mr. Content about an hour later…

“Subject: UGH!

Everything is falling apart. Baby C won’t stay outside, she’s resisting the potty, she was running to get away with it earlier and slipped on her own Lego. That led to a big cry during which she peed on me. Then the wind picked up and knocked off a bunch of pictures from the shelf by the front window. Glass everywhere. Child running away & peeing behind the table while I try to clean. I cut my finger on some glass, small knick that won’t stop bleeding. I finally get her to the front door area where she pees in the corner but in a pull up, then I get it down and plop her on the potty with the iPad. She’s crying without the iPad or when she actually has to pee. So then I pull out the vacuum to get the glass slivers under control so I can get safely to the last of the large pile of glass. She starts flipping out when I turn on the vacuum so that’s now off and in the middle of the room.  I can’t keep her out of the family room without a complete meltdown so I’ve now barricaded off half the room with dining room chairs until I can get her down for a nap and finish the job.
God give me strength to get through the rest of the day, it’s not even noon.”

Luckily things got a bit more positive afterwards, but I was at the point where I was wondering whether to be consistent with the potty or just walk away. Was she going through a natural refusal, do all kids do this? But i stuck with it, tried to make it a little bit more fun when i put her on it before nap time and she had a big pee with minimal fuss, and just one small request for the ‘ipadt’, you got it kid. No idea where this week will take us but i’m taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to let her be naked and work on this. If this ends up cutting out HALF our diapers I’ll be thrilled.

Mrs Content – Me Time?

Yesterday was another landmark day for me, Baby Content turned 2! I’ve come to realize that her birthdays will always be significant events for me just as much as her. The day I brought her into the world is branded on me forever, I changed that day and I’ll celebrate that every chance i get.

In the last 2 years I haven’t been away from Baby C for more than 24 hours (sleepovers at my parents’ ). I barely even go pee alone, and just last week i wasn’t even allowed to shower alone (nothing like a hot shower with a toddler holding the shower door open and screaming in protest and trying to pull you out to start your day off right!). So imagine the gift I just gave myself as I booked a SOLO FLIGHT TO VEGAS! WHAAATTTT!!!!!

Last year when I joined Stella & Dot I heard about their annual conference that was coming up in the summer called Hoopla! And as appealing as it sounded I just didn’t feel rooted enough in anything to commit & invest in something of that nature. Afterwards, hearing all the stories and seeing the advancement of my new found friends who had attended, and then hearing that the 2015 Hoopla would be held in Vegas… Well. Let’s say it’s been on my ‘Want/Need/To-Do’ list ever since.

So here I go. I registered a few months ago, I bought my flight today, and then within 10 minutes had made 2 new friends to room with.  It’s a short 3 days, but it’s all for me. And I don’t need pool time or shopping or anything of that sort this time, I’m thrilled to just be going. This is a new milestone for me – personal development, new friends, business development, new experiences and memories, and 3 days away from my family. Go me!

Style Content – Boho Chic

One of my favourite trends this summer is the Boho Chic look. I think it probably surfaces to some degree every year (and always at Coachella), but it’s loud and proud this summer and I’ve got a few favourites accessories at 3 different price points to help ANY wardrobe out. As in toss on your jeans & white tee, add one of these necklaces, and away you go!

My favourite piece over $100 is the Zuni Layering Necklace. At $104 it’s still not going to break the bank and you get a lot of bang for your buck with various ways to wear. The middle strand with the Howlite stones and freshwater pearls can be worn separately and at 2 different lengths.




My pick for under $100 is the Havana Pendant. Coming in at $94, made with hand set cream cabochon stones, and designed for a lot of versatility. Each of the bottom 2 links on the pendant are removable and the necklace can be worn longer or shorter. A great piece for travelling with, I’ve counted 8 different ways to wear just on it’s own. This has been my go-to piece so far this season.












And my choice for under $60 is the year-round favourite, the Sahara Pendant. A steal at $54 this also makes a great gift for a girlfriend or sister’s birthday. A semi-precious magnesite stone drops from an intricate gold chain, this is a no brainer to toss on with a white tee and walk out the door. Light weight and delicate this is the perfect piece for a mom on the go who ‘doesn’t have time’ for accessories (yes you do!).



It doesn’t take much to polish off your outfit, one great necklace can go a long way. I try to never leave the house without some sort of accessory on – a necklace, some bracelets, or even a couple of rings. I feel better when i take the extra minute to finish my look, and when I feel good – it affects my whole day.

Accessorized Content – Unexpected Journey

So there I was with a 9 month old babe, and the end of my Maternity benefits in sight, zero desire to go back to an industry that would inevitably keep me working long days and late nights (that i was now no longer passionate about) and desperately not ready to leave my daughter in the care of anyone else. That said money was inevitably tight, new babies and reduced incomes have a way of doing that to a family, and I really needed (financially and personally) and wanted to be making a bit of money again. Not to mention getting back in touch with that part of me that has ALWAYS had a job of some sort. (Don’t for a SECOND take that to mean I don’t feel like my job as a mom is indeed ‘work’ or a ‘job’ because OF COURSE IT IS, it’s the most important and best work of my life)

I was looking for something i could do that would get me out of the house here and there, was fun and interesting, had something to do with my past career path, and where I could make a bit of spending money at the same time. Not needing to put the rug rat in daycare was also key. I sort of accidentally stumbled upon Stella & Dot, having been invited to a party i couldn’t attend and then perusing the website. I was immediately intrigued – the accessories were adorable and it seemed like a great fit. So I did my research, I talked to a current stylist to learn more about the job, I talked to my husband to see what he thought, and then I took the leap.


What I hadn’t anticipated was the community I would find, we stylists lovingly refer to it as the ‘Stella Sisterhood’. Working with other passionate women, finding a community of fellow like minded friends who keep you motivated and inspired, having a life outside of the house again, and truly enjoying the ‘work’. Being at home full time can feel like a vacuum, being able to connect with this community of women has helped me stay motivated, focused, and feel balanced.

I work as much or as little as I can, some months my family or household projects need more attention and so I don’t put quite as much into my business. And some months/days I need to give my every available moment outside of parenting to hip’r. And then other months i can throw myself into Stella & Dot, and it all seems to work. It takes a lot to admit you can’t do everything all the time, and even more to be ok with that. I am committed to being a great parent/primary care giver, I’m also committed to feeding my family healthy wholesome delicious meals. I don’t stress about housework (I luckily married a man who enjoys cleaning, go figure!) but I like a tidy house as much as the next girl – toddlers have a way of leaving a path behind them that resembles that of a mini tornado. I can’t tell you how many times a day i sort & tidy the shoe pile (read: mountain) that inexplicably grows by the front door. So I do what I can, when I can and am committed to being good with that. No sense in dwelling on what I didn’t get done.

So back to Stella & Dot. This company was started by a woman and made for women. And if you think it’s just about selling jewellery you’ve got it all wrong but you’re not alone, and I’m guilty of thinking the same thing when i first started. What I know now is that it’s not about selling anything. That’s not my job. My job is to educate. My job is to make sure everyone has a great time at the party. It’s to help style my clients when they need it and want it. There’s nothing i love more than using what I know, who I am, and stella & dot to help you solve a problem. Starting a new job and need some fresh new pieces for your new office ‘look’? I got your back. Do you already have a pile of really expensive accessories that you can’t even figure out how to wear? I got your back (often you’re just missing a few key pieces to pull it all together – my favourite trick is layering & balancing delicates with edgy/chunkier pieces). Do you need a really thoughtful gift? I can help you there too. New season? Need shoe suggestions to go with all those new accessories? I can help you! THIS is where I thrive. I’m not interested in you getting something you don’t need. I firmly believe there’s a place in every woman’s life for Stella & Dot, maybe it’s as a client, maybe it’s as a host, or maybe it’s as a stylist.


I also understand what it’s like to live on a budget. We can’t always afford all the things we want, and that’s a good thing! Half the line is always under $60. Or my favourite is helping someone who has a pretty decent sized wish list get a lot of it for free, or for half price by hosting a fun girls night. Sometimes I can’t believe that that is my job – spending a few hours getting to know new fabulous women, introducing them to stella & dot, helping them accessorize, facilitating a really fun afternoon or evening with really fun accessories. And then rewarding my host with free product! If I’m going to be away from my husband and daughter, this is pretty good!

Way back in the day I used to work for a fantastic company called lululemon. It’s now a house-hold name, but back when I started it wasn’t. What I loved about that company back then is what I love about Stella & Dot now. There’s genuine thought put into each and every piece. Our design team is brilliant and creative. They are always thinking about how to give our customers more; more bang for their buck, more versatility, more ways to wear. Everything is ethically made, and they stand behind their product. This is absolutely key for me. I’d never ever be able to associate myself with anything that I didn’t know was of quality. I’m proud to be a stylist. I’m proud to be a mom who works from home. I love fitting in my work time into nap schedules, and girls nights into the evenings and weekend slots that work for me and my family. I love not having to follow anyone else’s schedule or quota or demands. It’s about me. It’s about my family. And I really truly enjoy it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Stylist Life, let me know. I’m growing my team and I’m looking for other amazing busy passionate women to join me. I would LOVE to be the one to introduce you to Stella & Dot.

Summer Collage


Mrs Content – The Negligent Blogger

Ok so it feels like I’ve written a hundred posts in my head over the last year but somehow that’s not quite enough to make it on to the blog. Go Figure. So here’s my attempt to start catching up, and re-committing to somewhat regular posts.

What on earth have I been doing?? Before Baby Content was born I started working on a baby/children’s clothing company with a very good friend. And since then I (obviously) had a baby, and then a year later my partner had her second baby and so it’s taken us a bit longer than anticipated to get it up and running. One of the main reasons for us to have started hip’r was so that we could be the moms we wanted to be, primarily at home with our kids in these first few years. That said it’s getting closer and closer to launch and I am over the moon excited and proud of what we’re doing. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

And in the mean time, just over a year ago, I found Stella & Dot. I’ve been loving the ‘work’ and I think having a life outside of the house (when it works for me) makes me a better mom, and a better wife. It’s hard to go from working non-stop to being at home full time. This balance I’ve found right now (although not always easy) has helped me find ‘me’ again. The me who is a mom, a wife, a homeowner, a lover of all things fashion and design, a friend, fun, creative, and (at times, i hope) stylish 😉 More details on my Stella & Dot journey to follow – it deserves a post of it’s on.

So that’s it. Here’s to me being more of me, right here! (Again!)

This recipe was adapted from an AMAZING recipe from I Don’t Blog, so I’m not taking any credit for it, I just made a few simple changes and cut the recipe in half (mostly because I only had enough ingredients in the house to make half). My friend Kat made them recently and she subbed in raw quinoa because she too didn’t have enough oats on hand, so she gets full cred for the inspiration.

This recipe yields a dozen regular sized muffins. They were gobbled up by my husband and daughter both. And for a mom who never takes enough time to feed herself (oh what’s that? 5 minutes free? Great! I can cram in 10 minutes of work, who needs to eat anyways!) I love having these in the house for quick fixes for the whole family. The original recipe was amazing, i was just trying to cram in some extra goodness. Also I can’t fit the original sized recipe in my Vitamix, another reason i cut it in half.

If you are making these in your blender be sure to put the wet ingredients on the bottom, you may have to stop and stir it up or if you are using a Vitamix then the pusher/plunger is very handy for getting everything in the mix.


  • 2 cups large flake oats (i have successfully subbed in quick oats)
  • 1/2 cup quinoa flakes
  • 2 tablespoons ground flaxseed
  • 1/2 cup yogurt (i use high fat (10%) vanilla because that’s what’s always in the house for the kiddo, but plain will do, or cottage cheese even)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup coconut sugar (low glycemic & not very sweet – if you opt for regular sugar or agave nectar I’d use a little less)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 4 ripe bananas
  • 2 generous tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 2 generous tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • dark chocolate chips (however much/little you like. As Mr Content says ‘no such thing as too much’) held aside

Throw everything into the blender or mixer – like i said if you’re using your blender put all the wet ingredients in first. Blend until fully incorporated, then fold in the chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes. If you are doing mini muffins check them after 20 minutes, that may be all they need.




Mrs Content – This Little Piggy

Recently a really fantastic baby/kiddo/mama store opened in my fantastic neighbourhood of Parkdale called This Little Piggy. I would say that as the weeks have gone on my visits there have increased from once every other week to multiple times a week. They are so much more than just a store. The owners, Kat & Faye, are both second time moms and started the store before their most recent Maternity leaves were up so that they wouldn’t have to go back to their previous jobs. I suppose I felt an instant camaraderie there as I’ve been doing the same thing (more about that later), our babes are all very close in age, in fact Kat’s little dude is a whopping one day older than Baby Content.

They have everything I need, a million things I didn’t know I needed, items I’ve regularly heard recommended by other moms for upcoming stages, and gifts I wish I had thought of for friends who are expecting. And they let me keep my visual merchandising skills & love alive by working on their displays from time to time ;). On days when I’ve been up all night with a cranky teething baby, or days when i need other moms to celebrate the fact that that tooth has FINALLY cut after weeks and weeks of grief, they are always there with open arms (and sometimes they let me leave the babe with them so i can pop next door to Glory Hole Donuts and get myself some much needed sugar & caffeine).

They’ve become my ‘drop in’ of sorts. Baby Content loves to play with their toys, or just crawl around the store. I’m always obsessed with whatever new & cool local kids designer they are carrying. They make a big effort to support the local start ups, the mompreneurs, Canadian made, and they do most of their sourcing by word of mouth from other moms making an effort to carry only what really works.

If you live in the west end or are visiting our fair city, if you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant, a new mom, a veteran mom, looking for a shower gift, or you’re just looking for a great little shop – I just can’t say enough about This Little Piggy. Tell the girls I sent you 😉

Here’s a quick pic of Baby Content sipping out of her Zoli cup & wearing her Ollie Jones pants both from TLP;



Mrs Content – Just One Of Those Nights

I just had one of those nights you read about on some amazingly well written comedic blog like Pregnant Chicken and before you have kids you think is a total exaggeration… And then you have kids and realize no one has as good as an imagination as real life.

Let me set the stage; I made dinner! This in itself is a huge accomplishment before Baby Content goes to bed. Admittedly it’s not one of my more nutritious and fancy dinners but it’s made and ready to be popped in the oven as soon as we’re ready. So this is also code for ‘the kitchen is a disaster’. I never had a chance to empty the clean dishes & reload the dishwasher so the dirty dishes that accumulated over the day today are stacked up along with the various dishes used to make dinner.

There’s also remnants of food all over the floor & table & highchair from Baby Content’s dinner. Yay I fed the kid! And it was nutritious and wholesome. Go mom!

So next is bath time. While I’m running the water trying to get the perfect temperature so I don’t cook my kid, said pipsqueak unravels the entire roll of toilet paper. I try to re-roll it with my one available hand but that just encourages her to unravel with more ferocity. I admit I had a good chuckle, it’s pretty cute after all.

Ok bath is ready, i spread out the towel on the carpet and lay her down to finish removing her clothes, which at this point only consist of a onesie and her Applecheeks cloth diaper. Wait… what’s that I smell.. oh no. Of course. It’s a poopy bum that I hadn’t planned for or I would have undressed her on her change pad downstairs with all the accoutrements. So now I’m trying to hold poopy squirmy baby with one hand and trying to find the beginning of the unraveled roll of toilet paper with the other hand. Eventually i find it and tear some off, dip it in bathwater and try to clean as best I can.

And then she shoves her foot in it. Awesome. Ok, I can handle this. More paper. More water.

And then she rolls. Ok. I can handle this. She’s on her belly, easier to clean the bum right? Yah totally, until she rolled again and then sat right up on her bath towel.

Ok I can handle this. So we’ve got poop on the towel, i can still clean the foot and keep the poop contained to the towel and grab a fresh one. No bigs.

And then she stands up and takes a step towards me. Naturally I’m wearing dropped crotch pants today so it’s pretty easy to walk all over my pants when I’m sitting on the ground. So now the poop is on Baby C’s bum, her foot, the towel, and my pants. I can handle this.

And then she looks at me kinda funny, says something in her gibberish and proceeds to pee all over me. Included in the pee zone is her towel and the carpet. She’s kind of confused so I quickly plop her in the bath and tear off my pants and wrap them up in the carpet & towel to be dealt with later.

So now I’m pantless but the baby is finally in the bath and the poop is contained. The rest of the bath was relatively uneventful – just the way I like it.

After bath, she’s tired and a little restless. This is always challenging when trying to wrangle a slippery baby into a slim fitting sleeper. I had prepared before we even headed into the bath so everything i needed was at my fingertips. I am trying to keep her occupied and on her back with various tubes of creams etc while I get her diaper on. I grab the tube of diaper cream squeeze some out and wipe it down her bottom. It took two swipes for me to realize the ‘diaper cream’ was not going on at it’s normal oppacity’ HOLY EFF I just put the ‘Breathe Easy’ eucalyptus chest rub on her bum!!!! OH good good. Bad Mom! Bad Mom! I quickly try to wipe it off with baby wipes then run to the bathroom with Baby Content tucked under my arm and get a warm washcloth to finish the job. She’s squirming and confused and isn’t quite sure what to make of the cool sensation on her bottom but after a little bit of time with the warm washcloth she settled.

Phew. That was no good. So i now I have an extra squirmy naked baby who is tired and restless and has a cool bottom. With some effort I get a diaper on (proper diaper cream), and a sleeper on – no more harm done. I grab her warmed bottle and head to her room. Finally it’s wind down time and then sleep! We cuddle in to the rocking chair, pop the bottle into her mouth and watch a steady stream of milk pour out of the bottle onto her sleeper. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I some how didn’t get the top on properly so I yank it out of her mouth (she was not impressed) undo it, redo it and then FINALLY we’re good to go. And then I realize I forgot to give her some advil before bed – which I’ve been doing for the last handful of nights because she’s got a tooth emerging and it tends to save us all from a restless night.

So send some positive thoughts my way that we have a calm, restful night. And that things don’t get progressively worse with tomorrow’s full moon. Now I’m off to do a load of poopy laundry.

Baby Content – Top 3 New Family Gift Ideas

Spring is in the air, and that is often accompanied by a lot of new life. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about some of the best gifts I received for both my shower and when Baby Content was born, so here’s my roundup!

1. Food. I remember every single person who showed up at my house in those first couple of months with food of any kind. Easy options to toss in the oven for dinner, fresh fruit & yogurt for breakfast, baked goods, etc. I honestly don’t remember who gave me what outfit (other than a couple of really adorable items) but I can name every single person who showed up with food & also tell you what they brought with them.

2. If you can’t bring food, think about a gift certificate for grocery delivery, or to something like Supper Works. Brilliant!

3. A cleaning service! Dear (amazing!!) friends of ours gave us a gift certificate for Molly Maid. OMG it does not get any better than that! They might not even need it right away, we waited until recently to use it for a good spring cleaning of the house – we can manage the day to day stuff, but finding a few hours to do a big top to bottom cleaning? no way.